Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Passport Party

Have photo; will travel!  We have been anxiously awaiting the opportunity to get this show on the road.  We were sad to be told our departure date has been pushed back one month.  In an effort to lighten the mood we made a fieldtrip to get our passport photos taken.  The plan was to go after school, seems reasonable.  Kid one knew what and where we would go for all of this, mostly because she clarified before going to school that morning.  Photo day is a big deal to a 16 year old girl after all.  At dinner this particular evening kid middle shared with us her disappointment that the photo experience was not at all what she thought it would be.  She pictured us going to "some place fancy" for the photos.  Kid three thought we would need to go to the airport in order to obtain the proper photo to travel.  Much to their disappointment we went to our local Walgreens where they just "pulled down a white screen and took our picture in the middle of the store," as describe by middle.  Now we can try to build the excitment for the next big event, the passport party we anticipate having when the passports arrive for travel.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Dog gone it!

Knowing we are making our last tracks back and forth to home we loaded up a cargo van and brought a load of things to be stored at my sister's place and had a bon voyage party with friends and family from our home state. The party was great fun, thanks to Mom and Dad in-law for coordinating the affair.  We could never have seen all those important people if not for your foresight. We even got a chance to visit with team Colorado, yeah! All fun things must come to an end. One of the last to leave was my sister and her kids. Her family has graciously agreed to care for our dear dog in our absence. Glad that the dog can go to a family we know and love is a good thing but the good-bye was a tearful one. All three of my kids were a mess, my sister's kids held it together pretty well. My sister and I had a bit of a "Color Purple" moment as we hugged and couldn't let go. My sister in-law told me later she cleared her girls out of the way and hid in another part of the house, too much emotion.
Now we are back at our empty house without a dog and trying to get a date for the move. I have made the analogy, it is like being over-due pregnant and everyone is asking, "What's the date?" Trust me, when we know, you will too. I think we need to focus on the 'patience' part of our prayers again.  By "we" I really mean ME.