Saturday, June 25, 2011

All things in moderation

The abundance of fresh fruit, vegetables, flowers even silk scarves is wonderful.  With all produce we have to carefully wash it with cleaner before even peeling it to eat but the produce choices are wonderful!
We use Stereliq cleaner in our house.  One cap full to every liter of water, soak for thirty minutes then thoroughly rinse.  Bananas, apples, pineapple, asparagus, kiwi, oranges, grapefruit, broccoli, carrots (orange and RED), litchi berries, and most recently mangoes! We love mangoes and now we even know how to best peel and eat them.  Our helpful house staff showed us how to cut, slightly off center, close to the pit (or bone, she calls it), two chunks of mango with peel then remove what is left on the pit/bone.  It works beautifully and we have eaten our weight in mangoes since the season has started recently.  We are told there is a mango festival here in Delhi in the month of July.  We will see if we can find our way to it when the time comes.  In the mean time we are going to continue to purchase mangoes from the fruit stands and eat while we wait.  YUM!

Kid one and I recently took a morning tour into south Delhi and walked through the Mehrauli area near Qutab Minar.  The vegetable market was in full swing and our tour guide gathered a large assortment of vegetables for us to try (he suggested our cook prepare the items).  We had enough to share with staff members as well. 

We took a quick walk through the Qutab Minar area.  A historical site of the world's tallest brick minaret.  Then ended our morning tour in the flower market where I bought way too many flowers and just enough vases to share my purchase with many people near me.  In a land of such scarcity there is really abundance.  Opposites in India, here again is proof positive.  The flower market and now my dining room smells wonderful, the produce is ripe, washed and ready for sharing.  Because all good things should be enjoyed in moderation.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Get your motor runnin'

Head out on the highway...When we packed up and moved from the US to India the mister sold his Harley knowing when he reached India he wanted to buy a Royal Enfield, the local motorcycle made here in India.  Once we arrived in Delhi he heard of many other expats doing much of the same thing but buying old restored bikes so when their time in Delhi is complete they can ship an antique (25 years or older) with their belongs back to the US.  This made for quite the dilemma.  Which ONE?  Old antique to send back or new and now.  For now he settled on a new Royal Enfield Bullet to ride while he decides which OTHER ONE?  Decisions, decisions.
The ONE he purchased recently registered enough kilometers to be considered "broke in".  Shortly there after he and a fellow RE owner had time off and could go for a long ride.  They plotted a highway route to the Ganges River and headed off for their first road trip by motorcycle here in India.
Setting off they road through small villages along the way that stared at them as though they landed from another planet.  They cooled their heads with water from wells along the road side.  They slept in a small hotel with paper thin walls.  And they arrived at the Ganges River to enjoy their achievement of the goal.  Neither one actually swam in the river but they enjoyed being there just the same.