Sunday, June 30, 2013

Thanks to all of YOU!

Our family has thoroughly enjoyed our time in India because we packed all of those from our past into our hearts and brought you all here with us.  We have also now acquired new friends and loved ones who have entered our hearts and we will take all of you back to the US with us, in our hearts

We have thought about our mothers and those who act as mothers, Godmothers, aunts as we cared for children in schools and orphanages along the way.

We have remembered lessons from our fathers, Godfathers, uncles and other father figures in our lives as we negotiated tough traffic or car repairs.  

We felt warm in the company of friends as we gathered at parties and dinners where we met new people, gathered with old friends and reminisced of friends and family we have known and left in other places. 

Things we saw reminded us of our brothers or sisters, our in-laws or close friends that are like brothers and sisters.

We saw markets, vacationed to new destinations, rode rides and took many pictures, all with you and while thinking of you.

We will miss and we have missed all of you.  Thank you all for staying close in our hearts.

Dr. Seuss sums up our end to this India stay very well.  “Don’t cry.  Don't cry because it's over.
  Smile because it happened.”

Thank you all for following us.  And thank you, INDIA!