Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Dear Mom

Dear Mom,                                                                                         March 20, 2013
      I have spent most of my day today in my bed or “trotting” to the bathroom.  Today was a day for stomach cramps, little movements and thinking of how you would take care of me if I were sick at home with my mommy.  You would tell me to stay close to the bathroom; I’m doing that.  You would tell me to wash my hands plenty; doing that.  And you would make sure I was hydrated with Performance power drink by Shaklee; thanks to you, I am doing that.  In fact for the two plus years we have lived in India this is the first time I have had the pleasure, if that is the appropriate word, of enjoying two flavors.  Having both the lemon-lime and orange sure breaks it up for a boring day of only drinking oral rehydration fluids.  It isn’t Mother’s Day yet and it is far from your birthday but today is a day I need to say “Thanks Mom!  You’re the best!”  I don’t think any of us say that nearly enough and sometimes it is good to just throw it out there.  You are an incredible woman who always thinks of others and at this time in my sick day I am thankful you have left me, and my family well stocked with Performance and Optiflora probiotic.  Two of the things the nurse on call said I should be taking, oral rehydration and probiotics, thanks to you, Mom I have both.
      As a follow up, I was able to be tested for Giardiasis and unfortunately that is exactly what is causing my stomach issues (Delhi Belly) and the repeating sulfuric (egg like) burps that are lingering around me like a sad cloud around Pigpen.   My mom’s words of witty wisdom and the need to break into the seriousness with a little humor would sound something like, “This too shall pass.”

Love you Mom!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Aunt Jeanne

It was almost one year ago we sat at the cross roads of the question, what do we do now?  It’s hard to believe Mister’s Dad has been gone for a year now.  Last year the answer then was Mister was to get on a plane and meet up with the family as they ushered Dad to his home and his resting place.  This year it's not so clear.  My Godmother, my dear Aunt Jeanne, lies in a hospital bed set up at her home with her family saying their final good byes. All the while, I am here in India wanting more than anything to go to her and tell her again that I love her.  Last November while Uncle was driving her to another doctor appointment she and I had a long chat.  We talked for almost an hour, my phone would disconnect, so I would immediately call her back and we continued our conversation.  It was great to talk to her.  I told her that this 2013 Christmas I would make strudel with her again.  A tradition that began a few years before her mother was ill and died.  Aunt Jeanne truly was doing better at the time of that chat.  She had begun the steroid treatments and the meds seemed to be helping with her recall.  She was able to hold a fairly good conversation.  Already by Christmas 2012 she had declined and when I called her on Christmas Eve she was already in bed and too tired to talk much more than a sentence or two.  We exchanged “I love you too”.  And then the rest of the family filled me in on her progress.  Days pass into months and now it’s March and I called the house to speak to Uncle.  I just wanted to reach out to him, I didn’t mean to cry.  He has the hard job of standing guard and caring for every detail of her care.  I told him I love him and thank him for all he does for my beautiful Aunt Jeanne.  But then I started to cry, and that he didn’t need.  In attempting to ask the questions and keep myself sober and clear I asked things about her doctor appointments.  She no longer has any. I asked about family members due to arrive.  We made the appropriate small talk but I did start to cry.  Lucky for me he is my big strong Uncle Ben and he handled it like the hero he is.  This call was placed March 2, 2013.

On March 8, 2013 my Godmother, my dear sweet Aunt Jeanne, my strudel making mentor, passed away.  It was things like this that I feared when we chose to move to India.  Not being there to say good bye and in person say I love you!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

A Cup of Joe

New Delhi now has it's very own Starbucks coffee shop.  Complete with wi-fi, food counter and of course, the coffee.  I was reading an article online regarding the prices of Starbucks and I am fortunate to have the prices of this New Delhi coffee shop.

We have also tried locally roasted coffee from Blue Tokai found online at  This company is based in Delhi India and will fresh roast coffee beans of your choice and deliver to your address, in INDIA.  A good choice for local coffee and fresh deliveries.
We still miss our two favorites found in the US though.  Same idea but different locations.  From Hill City, South Dakota is Dry Creek Coffee and when we can arrange a shipment we especially love the Sumatra. 
From the Chicago area is FreshGround Roasting.  This is another place we like to make bulk order shipments from for our long stay in India where our favorite is the Growers First Honduras 
Mister takes his black but I like cream and sugar, especially the flavored coffeemates! Cheers.