Sunday, October 9, 2011

This Time Last Year...

It is something all five of us find ourselves saying often lately.  Coming into the home stretch of our one year mark we are doing the last yearly celebrations for the first time here in India.  Being from the Midwest autumn has always been colorful, sounds are crisp and air is chilled.  While we lived on the west coast for some time and really loved winters there in comparison to the Midwest winters, we always missed the colors and feel of cool air and crunching leaves beneath our step.  We find we are really missing that here too.  Autumn is lovely in the Midwest and family and friends there always make it warm and cozy to remember.  This week in particular we have missed the scarecrow festival, the long four day weekend, the smell of the crab apple tree blossoms from our yard and the excitement of decorating for Halloween.  We have very little for decorations for most of the holidays but I apparently packed nothing for Halloween and Thanksgiving.  Probably because I was using it when the moving truck came to take everything at this time last year.  I must have decided to just store the items.  I really don’t remember those details but we do miss it, the fall in the Midwest.  And we miss you.
Autumn in India or in Delhi anyway is much like late summer in the Midwest.  Warm, sunny, a few scattered showers now and again.  Power goes out more often here than in the Midwest.  It has been happening at least once a day.  Battery operated clocks are the way to go.  Our kitchen stove clock has not been set in months.  I leave it flashing at 12:00 rather than set it so often I would wear out the buttons.  Strange what a change in location can do for a person.  Leaving my clock flash on 12:00 would have made me crazy in the past.  Some of you reading are trying to figure out a way to make it stop as you read this, I can tell, it would drive you crazy too.  But we all choose our battles and stopping the clock is not a battle I choose for today.  With all the rain and puddles from the monsoon season which is thankfully drawing to an end, there are potholes everywhere in the roads.  It is more understandable why a person would choose to own a large Scorpio vehicle, one like a jeep, as an in town vehicle of choice to maneuver the rough roads of Delhi.  Areas are beginning to dry up now that the rain is not so heavy.  Grass is beginning to show signs of little rain and more tree foliage is scattered on the roads and walkways but there has never been the color we see in the Midwest.  Just magically, now you see it now you don’t but in reverse.  Temperatures are still in the low 90s as our highs and lows in the low 70s so the weather really feels like late summer without the humidity.  We haven’t done a full circle around the sun yet but it is getting closer and I really think this is a good time for you all to plan visits for Delhi.  Water is fine, hop on in.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Same Old, Same Old

On the rare occasion when I catch a friend/family member (most recently my cousin) for a phone conversation I have a tendency to say “Same old stuff” in reply to what we are doing as a family or how I am doing with the move to India.  It may seem like a wall I am putting up so I do not have to share details but truly a lot of this is very much the same, just different locations.  As for myself, I am actively involved in the parent/school association at the American Embassy School where the kids all attend classes.  I am a member in some groups offered to expats in the New Delhi area, (American Welcome Association and Delhi Network to name just two such organizations), I bake regularly for our gluten free household and volunteer (less through the church here and more directly with the charity/NGO themselves).  The kids attend school like they always would, study hard and are involved in lots of after school activities.  Much of it is the same old stuff just different locations.
Recently the schools celebrated National Peace Day on September 21.  School assemblies gathered and both of our girls participated in peace presentations.  One though music and the other through dance, both were amazing.  While reading the district updates from our US home local school district I was struck by how same old, same old we really are.  At the middle school where my children would/have attend/ed I read how an art teacher lead a National Peace Day celebration locally in the front of the middle school.  The art students made pinwheels and all were placed in the lawn area in front of the school for a Whirled Peace Day celebration.  It really is a lot of the same stuff, just different locations.  Send an email, we would love to hear from YOU, same or different, what is happening on your side of the world (or whirled)?