Saturday, February 4, 2012

What do YOU do?

We have had so many opportunities to live in ways we have never lived before and participate in groups and activities we never knew about in small town suburbia USA. It has been very enjoyable to step out in these other shoes for a bit. Exciting, new and all a learning experience.

One organization I have been a member of is the AWA (American Welcome Association) I joined this organization because of the Outreach Program they have available. The Outreach committee keeps files for NGOs in the greater Delhi area and has a system by which NGOs can request help and donations from the organization and/or the members. These are established NGOs with credible standing. I have had the pleasure of going on some visits to different NGOs with other members and have become the contact person for AWA to one NGO in particular. The Highpoint India organization is a beautiful enhancement and empowerment organization affiliated with Highpoint Community Services Association in Singapore.

Another organization I have been introduced to most recently is the Diksha Project.  Once a month the AWA members host different Cocktails for a Cause parties. The number of cocktail parties Mister and I have attended since moving to Delhi is humorous. It’s more than the college days but everyone is cleaned up and better behaved. This particular AWA January Cocktails for a Cause was held to sponsor a day of feeding at the Diksha Project. We had the opportunity to sign up for a day of our choosing and sponsor the total cost to feed 150 children participants for our special day. We chose anniversary dates. Our first celebration was huge. The kids ate in honor of my mother and father in-law’s 50th wedding anniversary. We were not in the US to celebrate with the family but we know we increased the party size and total spread by many miles (or in India kilometers). For our other parents/grandparents reading this blog please politely forget this posting when it approaches your anniversary in May and September, or know that we planned ahead for your celebration. If you are looking for a way to celebrate a special occasion please visit the sites I have listed here or contact the directors themselves for ideas.

India really is a great place to live most of the time. XO to you Mom and Dad