Sunday, April 22, 2012

Spring Break 2012

We had plans.  We changed plans.  We made other plans.  We settled on staying small and seeing more around home (here in Delhi India) for our Spring Break Destination 2012.  Both Kid three and Kid middle can be gross and enjoy a crude joke similar to other kids their age.  Kid one can be concerned for the environment and the effects we are causing to it. So when we canceled our plans to go to Sri Lanka the next logical progression for a quick step out to do something for Spring Break 2012 led us to the Sulabh International Toilet Museum.
We learned how villages all over the world have progressed with the use of differing toilets.  We saw examples of how different toilets are made depending on the materials available in the area it is being built.  We saw examples of loos in the museum.  Here is a little bathroom humor.

After an educational (and a bit crude) trip to the toilet museum all the family took a two day trip to near by Neemrana Fort Palace.  We enjoyed our room in the palace, the view and even took an adventurous ride on the zip line.

Disclaimer: At the end of this YouTube video there is an added picture from something else YouTube.  No idea how it came to be in my link but I can't get it to go away.  Yuck, so sorry.