Sunday, October 7, 2012

From That to This

The kids had a long weekend to commemorate Gandhi's birthday and a few teacher in service days built in so we decided to make the most of our time here and planned a trip.  We were glad that Thailand made its way back into our available trips and happily slipped away for four days in Bangkok.  We sang "One Night in Bangkok" a few nights in a row.
We enjoyed the weekend market where we bought some fun t-shirts, long pants and a nice backpackers pack for the long school trip scheduled for the end of this month.  We visited the Grand Palace where, just like we were warned, we were greeted with "authorities" who told us the palace was closed to tourists.  So we walked past these information carriers and bought our ticket to the Grand Palace and Emerald Buddha.  I had taken some beautiful pictures of the palace area and we rode along the river in a boat taxi to the Reclining Buddha where we saw another temple but somewhere along the way my camera wiped out the sim card or the sim card malfunctioned and I lost everything we had on that card.  Take our word for it, it's well worth the trip to see and experience these places.
This is a picture of our pineapple chicken fried rice and an iced tea we enjoyed at a restaurant in the weekend market that had some very welcoming AC.  Because I used my phone for this photo it was not wiped out during the sim card incident.
We tried to see as much as we could in four days.  The ancient city had bikes and facade buildings for the kids to enjoy.  Living in India we just don't find biking enjoyable like we used to but here we were given bikes to travel throughout this remade city area.  We also did some grocery shopping at Villa Market to purchase those items which are hard to buy or too expensive in our part of the world right now.
Our whole Gandhi celebration ended with our return flight to Delhi and complaints from kid three of a head ache.  He started running a fever Tuesday evening upon arrival and was wisked into the doctor's office on Wednesday to confirm our fears.  He has dengue fever.  Not always the most trusted source but here is more information about dengue  At the end of the day, after a person is diagnosed with dengue one must wait it out to pass.  Like any virus, complications may arrise and then be addressed but for the most part, drink plenty of liquids, get lots of rest and let the kid who does not have celiac enjoy whatever foods he chooses while he is ill, ignoring the gluten free zone rules for now.
We went from that to this.