Sunday, April 28, 2013

Our Final Guests

We hosted what very well may be our last visitors to India.  Our move is scheduled  but before we close out this chapter of our adventure Uncle N was able to visit along with his friend L.
Uncle N was the first person when we announced we were moving to India three years ago exclaimed "Oh great!  That has always been on my bucket list"  With that enthusiasm we are so happy to have been able to host his trip.  Had it not been for L and her information gathering and encouragement he may not have ever come, thanks L!
We had a very full itinerary for their visit but the two most perfectly suited for these two adventurers and food aficionados were the tours we enjoyed with Delhi Food Tours.  This is the true and original DELHI FOOD TOURS not to be confused with other copy cats IE Delhi Food whatever else you can end with
On Day Two in Delhi we were driven out to a family farm house where Momma Indu greeted us with her hospitality and beauty into her kitchen set up for lessons.  We enjoyed a day of cooking lessons complete with a spice talk.  It was all a beautiful experience made only more beautiful by our warm hostess and teacher.
The DELHI FOOD TOURS day of Indian cooking was closed by a full meal served to us family style.  Eaten just as it would be at home.  Momma Indu at the head of the table fussing over every detail to be correct.  And correct it was, perfect from start to finish.
To follow this commercial break you will find a photographic itinerary of the quick 5 day trip Uncle N and L spent with us in Delhi. 
Day One:  Tour of Old Delhi and shopping
Day Two:  An extraordinary cooking class experience with


Day Three: We enjoyed an early morning elephant ride, some tours in Delhi, more shopping, followed by a movie with friends. 
Day Four: Was the bucket list topper for Uncle N.  Aside from visiting us, he wanted to see the Taj Mahal, we paired this day trip to Agra to see the Taj with a tour of the Agra Red Fort.


Day Five: Was our final day with our guests.  We sent them off with full bellies and smiles on their faces.  We ended the same way I began this post, with Delhi Food TOURS.  Our tried and true friends at Delhi Food Tours showed us how to eat in the hidden gems within our current home city.  We enjoyed the sights, the sounds and the cultural lesson from our Delhi Food Tour guide and food expert Prashant Kalra for one last tour before their flight out.  All in all the perfect ending to our coming to an end in India.  Thanks for visiting!