Sunday, December 18, 2011

Amazon + Dominos Delivery = FlipKart

Small things are worth celebrating no matter where we live.  This one has been so fun we can not contain our enthusiasm.  It is so fun to go online, place an order for whatever we may be looking for (IE a book, hair dryer, maps for the Garmin, etc) and then have the items sent right to our door on the back of a motorcycle in a handy pack just like this one pictured.  FlipKart has hit the spot for both entertainment purposes and convience for this family of five.  It is great fun to tell the kids to look on FlipKart for the book they are waiting for and find it is priced at only 200 rupees ($4 USD) and no need to find a book store that has it shelved, we can wait at home and it will be delivered in just a few days.  Small conviences are the things we celebrate.  It really is fun living in India!
As of yet, FlipKart has not paid us for this ad.  Maybe we should make our blog into a sponsored site...

The Flu Flew Thru

We have been passing turns from one family member to the next with some stomach bug or another.  My most recent bout came one week after the craziness of the months of October, November and December brought to us, or I brought on to ourselves really.  Mister and I have been attending functions like no other we have experienced.  We have attended balls in long gowns and tuxedos, fund raisers in important homes, and melas to match no other craft fair ever seen in our lives.  This whole experience has been fun, eye opening and at times really weird to take a walk in the “other” shoes.

For those concerned that I don’t have enough to do, I found that spending time with the committees putting some of these functions together can take up a large portion of any one person’s day.  All for a good cause and so much of the money raised, if not all, goes right back into the community of India that is near to us.  It is very fulfilling to be part of it and the events are a lot of fun too.
The stomach issues come with living here but the good news for me was it is not giardia, or at least it is not testing positive to giardia at this time.   Kid three had another round with the bug but he seems to go in waves and it passes pretty quickly, seeming more like Delhi belly.  But when it hit me in the gut it hit when Mister was traveling, naturally, and put me out and under the covers for most of the week.  Good news too that this will pass and we will have visitors here for the Christmas holiday break.  We are so looking forward to the winter break and small plans we have made to relax but most look forward to Uncle 6 and Aunt to come a see our home in India and travel to Agra and Jaipur with our family.