Saturday, August 25, 2012

Long Time, No see

The two younger kids traveled ahead of the others but eventually we all arrived in the US.  We toured new areas, visited known areas, drove ourselves across states, flew to different airports and visited, visited, visited.  For the most part we parked ourselves in one spot, announced our arrival and saw who we could see.  Thank you for the visits to all those we did see and sorry we did not cross paths to those we missed on this trip through.  We accomplished what we aimed to do; We came, we saw and we left in place.
We came to the US, to the many areas we visited.  Some old (known) areas and others new (first time destinations).  We visited family and friends, caught up on things that have happened since we left one and a half years ago and just enjoyed what we thought we had been missing.
We enjoyed two beautiful family reunions, both sides of the family.  On Mom's side (my side) all six of my siblings and their spouses and children, Grandma and Grandpa all met at a lake home and enjoyed a family weekend all together.  All the cousins played late night games in the dark, had big sleep togethers in the garage and roasted marshmallows at the camp fire.  We of course took a color coded family picture and I was able to meet the baby that was born while we were away.
On Dad's side (the Mister) we enjoyed time at Mom's with Younger Brother and his wife and two girls.  The five cousins played and enjoyed time together as kids and we all told stories and memories of Grandpa while we cried, laughed and celebrated his life together as a tender family unit.  Grandpa loved it because most of our celebration was outdoors with perfect weather.
Our final destination was University life and move in.  Kid One had moved into her new home at the dorms of her chosen University.  We feel it is the perfect match for this kid's needs.  It's really great that a University so large can bring so many people together to make it all just right for my little girl.  I was the last to leave the US so I could tuck Kid One into her University life then I too finally arrived back To Delhi We Go.
All is well in the US and we all enjoyed our visit but it was good to get home to India and settle into what we know as our home.  Kid Middle and Three have started back into their school routine at the American Embassy School and we are reuniting with the many friends we have made here but have missed throughout the summer break.
Hello India and friends, Long Time, No See!